Our company purchased a number of patents for the Gamma Seven Poker Software for online poker casino and extended the product by own in-house developed modules.

Our Poker Software meets all contemporary requirements. It's notable for its easy control options, the simplicity of connecting to different payment gateways and payment processing companies. Our Poker Software meets the highest requirements and standards in terms of secure gambling.

The Poker Software has the following features:


  1. Holdem
  2. N/L Holdem
  3. Omaha
  4. 7 Card Stud Poker
  5. Omaha Hi
  6. 7 Card Stud H/L


  1. multi player tournaments when the number of players is not limited
  2. tournaments with a limited number of players
  3. particular game tournaments, for instance, Texas Holdem or Texas Holdem no-limit
  4. step by step tournaments
  5. the possibility of connecting to the international WSOP tournaments
  6. the possibility of using the above mentioned tournaments in the real money mode or play money mode

Referral Program (affiliate program)

  1. the possibility of automatic generation of codes for your referrals
  2. a convenient interface for your referral statistic reports
  3. online access to your referral statistics
  4. the possibility of adjusting referral statistics as to the percent, so to the player-money mode

Online Chat

Variety Of Bonuses

  1. bonus percent on the first deposit
  2. bonus for the highest card of the day
  3. any other type of bonuses upon operators' request

Online Bar

  1. there's an online bar imitated, where you can choose a beverage, fruit, cigarettes, etc., with a chosen thing appearing on the table next to the player

Poker Software Control System (back office or back-end)

  1. control over all poker software features
  2. the possibility of restricting user and personnel rights


  1. rake reports
  2. player reports
  3. financial reports on payments
  4. the possibility of viewing the history of any past game
  5. referral reports

Payment Module

  1. the possibility of connecting to any existing payment system
  2. the possibility of viewing payment history and fund withdrawal for each player

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